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The Event Notification callout allows clients to be notified through a Web Services request when certain actions take place in their Concur entity. Concur generates a notification and places it into the notification system queue. When the notification reaches the front of the queue (first come first serve) a request to the configured endpoint is triggered. Clients then perform an External Validation of expense report data. Based on the validation results you can then update expense report header data or send a message to the report owner.

Integration Solutions

  • Do your approvers need more information before they approve a report or request
  • Do you have complex cost allocations or complicated charge-back hierarchies
  • Need to manage and track monies allocated to specific projects
  • Need to validate your expense report data before it is approved or after it is approved

Diagram: Concur Callout Communication

Event Notification - Functional

Event Notification - Technical

Last Update: 06/2016

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