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The purpose of this site is to provide you with all the tools and resources you will need during the development of your Application Connector. The Application Connector is the software that communicates with the Concur Web Services, mapping request and/or response data into a consumable or readable format. The Application Connector is developed by you, the client, with the support of the Concur Web Services Team. Web Services will provide you with Technical and Development support throughout the duration of your developmental projects (certain rules and regulations apply please refer to your web services Contract for more information).


The information that is provided to you here is a comprehensive collection of data that is relevant to the supported versions of the Concur APIs. This includes several different layers of information broken down in different ways to communicate the information to a wide array of different business professionals from Executives to Developers. As you explore the Concur Web Service launch site you see that the majority of our data is broken down into three specific sections of data.


Theses sections are tailored toward higher level executives and managers to help outline the data at the very highest level for generic knowledge.


These sections are tailored toward managers and resources to help outline the data in a way that it can be used for resource coordination. This section will help in deciding which teams should be handling aspects of the project from Contract Renewals to Technical Support Issues.


These sections are tailored toward technical resources to help during the development process of the application connector. Here a developer can find everything needed to facilitate proper communication with the Concur APIs. This information is supplied at a more refined level and should mainly be used by developers during the development process.

How to get started

To get started using the Concur APIs you first need to have a contract for Web Services (please reach out to your Account Manager). After you have secured a contract you are ready for an introduction overview by our Web Services team. One of our professional staff will contact you to schedule a brief presentation. During this presentation, together, we will review what you need in order to begin development of your Concur Application Connector.

After the presentation you will soon receive a set of credentials that will allow you to access Concur Web Services. We provide several different resources to you during the development cycle of your Application Connector as well as for the duration of your Web Services contract. Please contact your Account Manager to view scoping charges and fees.

What they do

Concurs APIs allow clients or partners exposure to data and functions that would not normally be available in cloud-based architecture environments. Through the use of these exposed end-points and functions our clients solve a vast array of different business issues and reporting needs such as:

  • Pull data from Concur for in-depth reporting services
  • Reconcile or validate your data by comparing Concur data to what you have
  • Post new data into Concur allowing for programmatic creation of information
  • Update existing information in Concur to match your system data

How to use them

Concur APIs are acted upon by our clients via an end-point or URL. For some of our APIs the end-point will accept parameters that will help refine the results being returned or allow for the insertion or update of data in the Concur system.

Most of the Concur APIs support four different types of requests:

  • GET – Used to query information within the Concur system
  • POST – Used to insert data into the Concur system
  • PUT – Used to update existing information in the Concur system
  • DELETE – Used to delete or deactivate existing information in the Concur system

Concur also supports an alternative type of API referred to as a Callout. The Callout is a pre-configured step or condition in Concur that triggers Concur to make a call out to you the client to facilitate some sort of business transaction.

Currently Concur supports four different types of Callouts:

Last Update: 06/2016

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