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The Launch External URL callout gives clients and developers a platform to extend the functionality of Concur providing a means to deliver custom user interactions, or access functionality found in an external system. The client can arrange to add an Expense Entry form field that is configured to use the Launch External URL callout to a Concur Expense Entry form. Concur Expense will display this field with an attached button that launches a separate window when clicked. The window is controlled by an application connector, created by a third-party developer, the client, or Concur. The application connector is a web server that presents information in the window.

The application connector can access Concur data through the web services, or can access data in an external system. Once the user has completed their actions in the window (such as performing a search or completing a wizard), he/she clicks a button such as “Done” that indicates the user has concluded their work in the window. The application connector then closes the window.

The application connector can use web services to send information to Concur, to update field values on the expense entry form or other form types. The application connector may send the updates before or after the user closes the window. When the user returns to Concur, the page refreshes and he/she sees the updated values.

Integration Solutions

  • Need extended core functionality to meet an organizational goal?
  • Want to expose your internal resources during data entry?
  • Leverage a customized business application?

Diagram: Concur Callout Communication

Launch External URL - Functional

Launch External URL - Technical

Last Update: 06/2016

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